the salty jew

Newsom just launched a 3.1 billion dollar plan to house migrants and also give free healthcare. Newsom thought he had the best migrant policies in the country until Mayor Eric Adams dropped the 10k gift card and free housing plan. Now Migrants at the border have a tough decision to make. Should they go to California which is full of homeless people and lawlessness or head to the Big Apple which has gangs from South America everywhere?

New York is offering 7 months in a 4 star hotel and free healthcare.California is offering a crime riddled state full of people on hard drugs and shit stained streets but they have the 3.1 billion dollar plan that could set up migrants for a great life.

China’s two biggest insiders are Joe Biden (FJB) and Gavin Newsom. Both are trying hard to make China Great Again. Newsom was ordered BY President Xi Jingping to allow Chinese citizens to move to California to take over the state. So now a massive influx of chinese migrants are flocking through The border in San Diego.

Things are out of control in San Diego where Newsom is allowing anyone to come into America and giving away 5k Free gift cards. Some think this might not end well for Americans