the salty jew

They Love the Biden Crime Family in China so much that they are considering having a vote to erect a 500 foot statue of Joe in Beijing. The name for the statue is still being discussed but Beijing Biden has been floated. This is going to be very controversial in the USA with people on the left loving this news and conservatives cringing.

People on the left actually believe Biden is doing a great job even though he sounds like a fumbling idiot when he speaks and allowed 7 million immigrants to flow into the USA during his 3 years in office. Lefties are going to find out the hard way that this was a big mistake when life becomes very complicated in the future.

I am glad I have jewish and italian DNA in my blood bc I am going to be moving to Israel or Italy after the collapse of the USA. I hope all the idiots that voted for Biden enjoy the ride.Those who dont own precious metals are up shits creek without a paddle, but the future looks bright for those who have it.