the salty jew

Useful idiot Michael Rapoport went for a walk recently in NYC and was shocked at what he witnessed. The greatest city in the world is not doing so well these days as crime has been soaring to unheard-of levels since the 1980’s.

Police Officers have been getting attacked left and right by migrant gang members from South America.

Rapoport was at a Rite Aid in the Upper East Side when he witnessed a man fill two bags with goods and cosmetics and waltz right past a security guard with no repercussions. Mayor Eric Adams was tagged in a live instagram feed that showed the crime in progress.

Now Rapoport is finally coming to the conclusion that Biden is a tragically bad president and making policies that will ultimately destroy America. He’s back on board on the Trump train and admitting he made a huge mistake. Biden also continues to favor Ukraine over Israel by sending Billions to them and chump change to Israel. Michael also thinks Biden is being ridiculous about what he tells Netanyahu about the two state solution.

In the end you have to like people who can admit they were wrong like Rapoport. He understands if Biden gets re elected this country is in big big trouble.The writing is on the wall and hes voting Team Trump next election.