the salty jew

Elon is all about helping people and he’s the king of free speech nowadays. Musk wants to play the Wizard of Oz and has the answer to Joe’s serious case of dementia. Musk is planning on sending Biden an invitation to get his head checked out at a neural link clinic for an immediate implant of a neural link chip. Joe needs a lot of help and this could be the answer.

Biden is so lost at this point that even the 20 people in America who actually voted for this loser are starting to get nervous. America is looking like the Roman Empire in its final days of glory. The country is in big trouble down the road. The youth of America are being taught to be different genders when common sense says there are only two.Biden has flooded America with over 7 million illegals and over 2.5 million gotaways.

The FBI is issuing stark warning to Americans and Congress that a terrorist attack on our country is imminent. Stay Safe during Ramadan Fellow Zionists. The National Guard just sent 1000 troops to guard from a jihad attack in the NYC Subway system. The crap is about to hit the fan and if you arent watching your back you might get caught up.