the salty jew

Donald Trump thinks a good hashtag would be #BigMike2028 if Michelle Obama decides to run next election selection cycle. Michelle has shoulders like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Some people think Michael , as Barack Obama addressed him in a Presidential speech in front of the Chief of Staff and the entire world at around the 13 minute mark of this video below might be a transgender which is fine if you admit the truth.

If I was running a professional football team I would be considering her for playing Noseguard or offensive tackle bc when someone has Hercules-like shoulders they usually are a man and can kick butt in anything. According to science, anyone with shoulders at least 2 1/2 head lengths wide is a man. Many shadow-banned videos on YouTube and social media claim Michele has manly features that prove she is a woman playing dress up.

Many videos on YouTube have been deleted by the powers that be. Just for fun you can fact check this and do your own research. Ask yourself why would the Obama Foundation be pushing transgenderism onto America if this weren’t true? I personally don’t have a problem if people want to pretend they are another sex by lying about it and virtue signaling is deception at its finest. Honesty and Truth are always the best policy to have, without that there is nothing.

Do you think Michele is a man or just a big-boned woman ?Please comment below and tell us what you think.