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Coach Greg Adams Says Luka Doncic Is A Certified Ninja Ass Buster

CGA has some hot takes and he’s always calling out  ninjas, which if you watch his popular  show on YouTube  that’s his favorite saying. After hearing about Luka Doncic dropping 73 points on Trey Young and the Atlanta Hawks, he gave Luka Doncic  the Title as a certified Ninja Ass Buster. CGA said Trey Young […]

Mike Brown Says DEI Ruined The NBA with Terrible Referees

Coach Mike Brown has had it with tragically  bad referees  who are inconsistent and have no clue how to ref an NBA game. Brown claims DEI has made the NBA go after women and people who can’t ref the game right.  Brown would prefer to have Joey Crawford and Dick Bavetta in a wheel chair  […]