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Michael Rapoport Says “Its Official” The Big Apple Is Now The Big Shithole

Useful idiot Michael Rapoport went for a walk recently in NYC and was shocked at what he witnessed. The greatest city in the world is not doing so well these days as crime has been soaring to unheard-of levels since the 1980’s. Police Officers have been getting attacked left and right by migrant gang members […]

Has Dr Brendan Kavanugh Been Sent to Re-Education Camp?

He posted YouTube videos and live streams daily and made several appearances on mainstream news, but now he’s nowhere to be found. A glance on Dr. K’s YouTube channel shows he has been censored and had videos removed. The real question though is where did he disappear too? Hopefully, Dr. K just took a trip […]

Super Karen Cop Goes Scorched Earth On British Citizen and Protects CCP

In a crazy twist of fate Brendan Kavanaugh got a wild video when he set up a live stream to play at London metro station on his youtube channel. He was approached by ccp members who work in London as liasons for the chinese government and at first they seemed very friendly. All of a […]