the salty jew

Prayers go out for all the missing people on the bridge. The News media is in a frenzy to discover the name of the DEI Captain who drove his cargo ship directly into a column on the Francis Key Bridge. Over 20 people are missing in this tragic accident, where it looks like the ship lost electricity right before the crash.

A new social media campaign called DEI Hires Matter is in the process of being launched. This group promises to protest and destroy cities just like Antifa and BLM protestors in the past. Trolls on social media claim anything said as a derogatory statement against DEI is racist. What they mean is you aren’t allowed to say anything bad at all or you are a racist. It is the same old communism playbook we have seen in the past, the players play on a new team that sows division and attempts to censor you into submission. The purpose of these personal attacks on us is to keep us quiet, standing on the wall like we are Poindexter. Remember one thing, silence is complicity.

Paul A. Szpula confirms Jewfro’s suspicions about the ship using DEI Hires to operate the boat. This cuts costs for the company which is great for profit , but destructive in many ways for society. This is another example of a DEI Hire causing havoc and when people try to call it out on social media the trolls scream “racism”The new woke term they are trying to push is white rage or colonialism. DEI is racist against white people in reality and rewards less skilled humans based on race over talent.