the salty jew

This is a satire site that uses real people, facts, and news stories to make light of certain situations. My mother is German/Jewish and my father was Italian/Catholic. I grew up eating Matzoh Ball soup on Jewish Holidays with my moms’ side and Sunday Dinners with my Italianos. My heart was broken on Oct. 7th and I pledge my alliance to The State of Israel and Jewish people around the Globe. I support Benjamin Netanyahu and pray for the IDF and The Hostages Daily. Israel Must Destroy Hamas. This is a conservative Jewish/Christian site. I was born a Jew and converted to Christianity in my teenage years. I am learning to write again after years of pursuing other ventures. I care deeply about the safety and security of the state of Israel and all its citizens. Trump 2024 is the best option for Israel and all Jewish people.

Ziggy and Kaya are my Yorkies. I got both as puppies and put them through lots of training.

Ziggy is 13 & Kaya is almost 6 years old

Ziggy is featured on the cover of a book called Canines Of San Francisco

Thats Ziggy taken when he was 10 months old in Marin headlands