the salty jew

The propaganda mainstream news performs all this talk of a “bloodbath” in the media. The purpose of muddying the waters is to confuse the public into not knowing the truth. The saying “the truth will set you free” holds water. History is another one of the best teachers in the world. When you combine truth and history you learn facts. Facts teach people and help us to better understand. The powers that be want to have a society full of confused and scared people who fear the government. The Bible is a higher learning book that teaches about living with no fear, while also teaching us the 10 commandments on how to live life.

The propaganda news has proven itself time and time again it can’t be trusted. If you google the term “bloodbath” you will have 1000’s of mainstream news articles that teach people bullshit. They also are using AI writing programs that favor DEI and other woke mind virus topics that will contaminate gullible minds.

Trump is one of the greatest Americans ever to live and most definitely won the election in 2020 but got cheated. Trump is a common sense guy who knows the banking sector is up shit’s creek “without a paddle”. The Commercial real estate industry is getting crushed like a walnut in a nutcracker. 3-5% rates from the last 15 years are all underwater and the banks are taking tremendous losses bc of it. This is just one of many issues the banks are facing. It’s like watching a human body that has shotgun blasts to the chest and bleeding out in front of your eyes in real-time. They need a miracle to survive and unless Jesus comes back to save them it’s game over.

Next Up you have Boeing planes who have done a tragically bad job at maintaining high standards on airplanes. This is another company that does DEI hiring and the end product suffers. Another big problem is they outsourced and got cheap parts to save money for more profit. Now stepping on a Boeing plane is a big liability in which you risk your life in a game of Russian roulette. This jew does not plan on flying anymore. I’ll be taking a cruise ship on my next adventure.

Last but not least you have Democratic run cities.These places are all ticking time bombs that are soon gonna look like the civil war in Haiti. NYC is looking like a third world country. Crime gangs are forming all over the country and squatters are taking over million dollar homes. America has never been in so much trouble as a country and with 34 trillion dollars of debt our government is also bankrupt.