the salty jew

The United Nations has been acting like a bunch of Jew hating nazis ever since Oct 7th. They haven’t mentioned the hostages one time since the war began. The audacity of these clowns to try to push National Women’s Month while not condemning Hamas for the mass rape and brutalization cast upon innocent Israeli women is blasphemy. The psychopaths of Hamas perpetrated one of the worst crimes in world history upon the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

Now several months later after the IDF has annihilated Hamas and the Gaza Terror Tunnel System with ease the propaganda ministry of Hamas plays victim in the media. Of course, that’s all they can do bc this ass-kicking being put on Hamas is unprecedented. Sinwar hides in the tunnels like the little beach that he is. Sinwar is a rapist , pedophile, and mass murderer. He will go down as one of the biggest demon seeds of all time and his family members will be hunted all over the globe by Mossad.

The IDF is laying down the groundwork for the offensive in Rafah to save the rest of the Hostages. I am praying daily for the IDF, the hostages and the state of Israel.