the salty jew

A Cowboy Fan found out the hard way In Cibola County, New Mexico who “Dem Boyz” really are and unfortunately for him it’s not the Dallas Cowboys. During the chat where the drug mule thinks he’s about to go free He asks the Officer who he’s going for in the Super Bowl and He says he can’t root for the Rams who beat his 49ers, so he’s going for the Bengals. The Driver says the 49ers Got Lucky during the 2023 playoff game and the amused sheriff laughs. Actually “Dak Prescott Choked in a big spot like usual”

Cop Tells Suspect His Unit ” Dem Boyz”

The fun begins after the cop has him sign the warning for the traffic ticket which wouldn’t have been a big deal. Sheriff Julian Armijo breaks the news to the suspect. “Look Pal, you’re in my neck of the woods now and my Sheriff’s office is Dem Boyz”, ” How Much Weed is in your truck”?

The Stunned suspect looks into the abyss and starts breathing so heavy it’s clear he’s never seen any Wym Hoff videos. Than he flips right away and gives permission to search the car.Next , he gives up his Donnie Lazario as his boss and waives his rights to an attorney.