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Gregory Mannorino says Silver is the most undervalued physical asset on Planet Earth and with over 500 patents, it also holds more patents than all other precious metals combined. He Hosts a popular youtube channel with over 256K subs of loyal followers whom all believe deeply in a precious metal supercycle that’s going to start soon and go all the way into the year 2050. Anyone holding the physical shiny stuff might be about to go on a ride they wont ever forget.

Silver is currently only being mined at 800 million ounces a year out of the groundThe Current industrial use for Silver sits at 1.3 billion ounces a year and that nuber is expected to rise exponetially over the next 10 years meaning at some point in the future the silver price will have a major rise in value.

If you factor in the fact that the USA and Israel are on the verge of war with Iran ,which will drive the price of gas up and the price of everything else through the roof. The other factors are the federal reserve lowering short term interest rates and the oncoming banking crisis.On top of all that the dollar is being used less and less around the globe with the formation of the Brics Nation and the recipe for silver prices look like they are set to explode.

In this video CPA Lena Petrova explains De-Dollarization and what to expect.