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Roger Ver Challenges Adam Back To Debate In EgoManiac Challenge

Roger the Dodger is steaming mad after Adam Back blocked him on Twitter. Ver is famous for letting his ego get the best of him in many debates. He was on a live podcast when Ver flipped out and raged quit at the suggestion of calling Bitcoin Cash the abbreviated version of Bcash. He berated […]

Patent Authoritarian Roger Ver Wants To File Patent On “Bitcoin Jesus”

Roger Ver says dont judge him by his past actions. Roger claims people who want patents do it just to control humanity. Roger plans to only get this one patent bc he wants to be remembered as Bitcoin Jesus even though his legacy says something completely different. Ver who hates the United States and western […]

The 50 Year Chart On Silver Looks Like Rocket Ship To The Moon

Gregory Mannorino says Silver is the most undervalued physical asset on Planet Earth and with over 500 patents, it also holds more patents than all other precious metals combined. He Hosts a popular youtube channel with over 256K subs of loyal followers whom all believe deeply in a precious metal supercycle that’s going to start […]