the salty jew

Serial Killer Psychopath Yayha Sinwar who is also known as the “little man of Gaza” has abandoned his forces and left Rafah to escape into Egypt. This is big news anytime a General of an Army abandons his troops but not in this case for some reason. One of the reasons is bc Hamas isnt really an army but an organized terror group that has a bunch of psychopaths that only do harm to civilians. Of course, when they fight a real army like the IDF all they can do is cry in the media.

Nutjob Sinwar has been taking tons and tons of payouts from Iran and its proxies. He has decided to desert his platoon of Psychos and start a new venture. Sinwar wants to take all his illicit funds and start a Jihaddie Daddy website. The butcher of Khan Younis got Gaza Obliterated and is now running scared for his life. He wants to birth a new generation of Jihaddies so he plans to offer 1 million US to anyone who has a Jihaddie baby.

The catch of course is by the time the babies are born the US dollar will be worthless and you will only be able to wipe your ass with it. China is on the verge of collapsing the US economy along with Russia and have launched the brics nation. This will lead to the fall of the dollar and hard times. Most people agree the best way to secure financial freedom is to own as much gold and silver as possible.