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Michelle Obama Teases Presidential Run In 2028

Donald Trump thinks a good hashtag would be #BigMike2028 if Michelle Obama decides to run next election selection cycle. Michelle has shoulders like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Some people think Michael , as Barack Obama addressed him in a Presidential speech in front of the Chief of Staff and the entire world at around […]

Yayha Sinwar Escapes To Egypt With Plans to Launch Jihaddie Daddy Website

Serial Killer Psychopath Yayha Sinwar who is also known as the “little man of Gaza” has abandoned his forces and left Rafah to escape into Egypt. This is big news anytime a General of an Army abandons his troops but not in this case for some reason. One of the reasons is bc Hamas isnt […]

CCP To Vote On Biden Memorial In Beijing

They Love the Biden Crime Family in China so much that they are considering having a vote to erect a 500 foot statue of Joe in Beijing. The name for the statue is still being discussed but Beijing Biden has been floated. This is going to be very controversial in the USA with people on […]