the salty jew

Chuckyboy Schumer has a new nickname in the Jewish community and it’s Schmuck Schumer. This woke left-wing socialist is actively calling on Bibi Netanyahu to scale down the war and not finish off Hamas in the Rafah Offensive. This is unacceptable amongst Jewish people in the state of Israel and supporters around the globe, whom all understand that the two-state solution is a failed experiment. The Terrorists have to be eliminated and anything short of that is bad news for the State of Israel.

Schmuck should focus a little more on his blue state shithole New York. NYC is looking more like a third-world country these days bc of all the liberal policies. Crime is surging to unprecedented levels and crime gangs are forming all over the city. Venezuela emptied its 3 biggest prisons and sent all the people to the border, so they could enter the USA.The Suspect below looks like an illegal migrant to the naked eye, What do you think?Comment below

Schmuck is a liberal with no logic.He’s doing press conferences attempting to cause division between Netanyahu and the Jewish people by suggesting it’s a genocide in Gaza. Hes also trying to spread false propaganda by saying Netanyahu is using the war to stay in power. He’s gaslighting the public in an attempt to prevent Israel from reaching it’s final goal of wiping out Hamas.Hammas is going to be Hummus and Chuckyboy cant stop it.

Piss off a liberal by liking and sharing. Schmuck Schumer has to stop the jew hate.