the salty jew

Miss Piggy Twin Liz Cheney Hides J6 Evidence From The American Public

Liz Cheney clearly hates freedom, democracy and America. She looks like sloppy yogurt and her actions are so despicable to our Constitution that they resemble a pig rolling in slop. She is so hideous-looking that it is an insult to miss piggy to compare them, so I apologize to the muppets. Not only is Liz […]

Michael Rapoport Says “Its Official” The Big Apple Is Now The Big Shithole

Useful idiot Michael Rapoport went for a walk recently in NYC and was shocked at what he witnessed. The greatest city in the world is not doing so well these days as crime has been soaring to unheard-of levels since the 1980’s. Police Officers have been getting attacked left and right by migrant gang members […]

Trump Warns Jackson Hinkle “Punks Like You End Up On The Mossad Kill List”

Donald Trump warns trust fund baby and fake news propagandist Jackson Hinkle you are going to be very sorry for all the bullshite your spreading with fake news and propaganda. Trump thinks Hinkle is a paid employee of Al Jazeera and he is going to pay the ultimate price very soon. Trump says once Mossad […]