the salty jew

Roger the Dodger is steaming mad after Adam Back blocked him on Twitter. Ver is famous for letting his ego get the best of him in many debates. He was on a live podcast when Ver flipped out and raged quit at the suggestion of calling Bitcoin Cash the abbreviated version of Bcash. He berated the interviewer like a 5-year-old brat berates his mommy. Below is the short version

Roger claims to be a Bitcoin OG but he has been involved in several forks of Bitcoin. He promised to follow the white paper when he forked Bitcoin cash and then flipped by changing the protocol. Ver then earned the nickname Bitcoin Judas in the BTC community and the Bitcoin Sv community. He also invested in every cryptocurrency and caused major division in the bitcoin cash community causing another fork. His track record is spotty at best and yet he continues to have egocentric tantrums on social media like a 5 year old who rage quits. By the way years later, Ver admitted on Twitter that Bcash is actually a really good nickname and he uses the name now.

So Ver is now starting up the EgoManiac Challenge where he challenges Adam Back to start. Roger wants to challenge Marc Cuban next and then take on Jack Ma from Alibaba. He also has Calvin Ayre in his sights who is his neighbor in the Caribbean. He wants to debate Adam Back about how slow BTC is to use and the high transaction fees when used.

Since Ver is very difficult to work with and loves to start public drama he has shown childish tendencies. He continues to be a divisive force with a huge bot army on social media which is how he hypes up his shitcoins. He has shown time and time again anyone who gets involved with him gets burned one way or another. Ross Ulbricht is just one of many examples.