the salty jew

In a desperate attempt to save Florida from the demolition of the United States by Democrats , Governor Ron Desantis won’t allow Biden’s leftwing socialist policies to destroy the last great state in America. He doesn’t want to start a civil war but has a game plan to ensure Floridians have the most freedoms. If Florida becomes a colony again they can avoid all the bureaucratic nonsense coming from the Biden blue state failure regime. How Many trainwrecks do we need to see in blue states before we realize Florida will be next if we don’t do something drastic to stop it? Florida has been the battleground for many famous battles in world history and now it’s “freedoms last stand”.

Desantis can make Florida a colony again and then become President of Florida. Of Course, he’s going to have to make Trump Mayor of Palm Beach. It’s time to start thinking about our future and let the blue-state madness and chaos blossom for all Biden supporters. In life, you reap what you sow and blue state policies are the downfall of America.

Real estate would have a major boom in Florida if all freedom-loving patriots came down to the Sunshine State. This would ensure Florida’s economy keeps thriving while blue-run states all falter. The West Coast has a major squatter problem because they defunded the police and have nobody to enforce the laws. San Diego is close to renaming to Squattersville. Gavin Newsom is a complete idiot and so is anyone that supports him.

San Francisco just had a Chinese immigrant elected to public office. You can call California Chinafornia now with the mass immigration of illegals. It is like the fall of the Roman Empire and they are taking it state by state in front of our eyes. Thank God for Florida and the great job being done by Ron Desantis. Maga still respects you even though Trump bust your chops.