the salty jew

Liz Cheney clearly hates freedom, democracy and America. She looks like sloppy yogurt and her actions are so despicable to our Constitution that they resemble a pig rolling in slop. She is so hideous-looking that it is an insult to miss piggy to compare them, so I apologize to the muppets.

Not only is Liz Cheney one of the world’s worst politicians but her overrated father is famous for shooting his lawyer on a hunting trip (most likely an assassination attempt). Dick Cheney was also in control of Norad on 9-11 and many people say he allowed America to get attacked to launch the patriot act and start a war in Iraq. Cheney’s former company Halliburton reaped all the benefits from government awarded contracts which enriched Cheney and his cronies.

Dick Cheney aka the “Evil Genius” ,amassed untold amounts of wealth during the Iraq war. Google Dick Cheney Haliburton and this is what pops up.”Cheney was chairman and CEO of Halliburton Company from 1995 to 2000 and has received stock options from Halliburton. In the run-up to the Iraq War, Halliburton was awarded a $7 billion contract for which only Halliburton was allowed to bid.” If you watch the interview below please check out the comment section or just click on the video and scroll through them. This will give you a feel for what Americans think about Dick Cheney.

Liz Cheney doesnt believe in the Constitution or democracy.. That can be the only reason why someone would hide evidence from the American people about what really happened on Jan. 6th. The funny thing about J6 is that Maga had never started any riots or caused problems with Law enforcement prior ,so it defies logic that they would be instigators on J6.